Christine’s Project Life: This time last year

PL_Tuesdays copy

This time last year… well, not exactly!

I wanted to feature my PL pages from exactly this time last year, but found that I left them unfinished (oooops). So for now, two spreads from the first week of March, 2013. 😉 One big struggle I have with my Project Life (aside from completing pages, but that’s a given!) is including more of myself in them. I rarely have photos of myself or my face; it’s usually just a whole lot of stuff. These weeks are perfect examples of that.

Feb 25 – March 3, 2013
This week was fun; I went to a watercolor 101 class with local SF watercolor artist Emily Proud (she’s worked with Lisa Congdon!). Honestly, was kind of worried because I couldn’t draw (let alone paint!) to save my life. It was held at the wonderful Makeshift Society, a local co-working space here in SF. Such a wonderful space and super inspiring.


I used one of my final watercolor exercises as an insert for this week’s spread. Also included in the left hand page is a fun snippet of typography that I cut out of some junk mail I got that week (pretty junk mail; an ad from!) and a postcard of a Kickstarter initative that I backed. (Lumio looks like a book, but folds out and is actually a lamp! So awesome.)


Here’s the other side of that watercolor painting. I had a couple of shots from the class but I didn’t like any enough to blow up for the spread, so put them all in a nice grid, Instagram style. The right hand side includes shots from a happy hour session with some friends (hence the Anchor Steam beer label). Oh, and: Bacon. Wrapped. Mochi. ❤ (The walk down Embarcadero was pretty lovely, too!) The chevron card and sticker are from Studio Calico.

Some closer shots for the journaling:




Here’s another look at that layout without the insert. See? Where’s Christine? (Not here. Haha):

3Someone needs to remind me to take selfies!

A peek at the week that came after this:


One of my favorite weeks! (But “fave” was for NYC, which is probably my favorite city. A tie with SF, maybe…) I went to NYC to visit my cousin and my kabarkada who had just moved there (and was conveniently my cousin’s new roommate!) Was super surprised by the weather; didn’t expect it to be so cold. I was walking to my cousin’s apartment when it suddenly started snowing!!! (As I later told my friend, “It was so pretty, oh, the snow, I wanted to stop and take photos but I was freezing! Wow! Brrrr. Wow! Brrrr.” Hahaha. Hence no snow photos. At least this spread has my face on it, because my friend’s mom was in town too and she took our photo as we were waiting for the subway.

Saving screenshots of the weather app is an oldie but goodie technique that I love including in my PL. ❤

One big reason I love Project Life — would I remember this many details from this week, a year later? Without PL, maybe not. 😉 So — if you’ve been thinking about starting PL, we opened up registration for our April 12 workshop. More information, including recaps of our past workshops, can be found here.



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