Pinky’s Project Life: Philia Trip to NYC

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Hey friends! Pinky here and I’m back with another Project Life Tuesday post. I’ve been talking about how much I love to travel, so I wanted to give you guys a peek at a separate album of mine dedicated to travel. You’ll see my spreads about a trip I took two years ago with a group of friends I’ve had since grade school. We all grew up together, but our group has been separated since high school graduation. This was our big barkada reunion trip, and it started with four days in New York City.


Days covered: Day 0 (leaving Manila for NYC) and Day 1
What happened: Airport photos, and on our first full day in NYC, we went to brunch. (Of course.) Delta had lost our luggage so we made very interesting wardrobe choices… I was able to meet up with a friend from college and she took me to Momofuku!
Favorite card/photo: The lower rightmost picture (caption says ‘a horrifically unflattering picture of us enjoying Korean leftovers and Momufuku goodies’) because it brings back memories of sleeping on the fold-out couch and lots of leftovers! And mourning over our luggage. I don’t look particularly pretty in the photo, but I like that it captures what life was really like on our trip.


Days covered: Day 2 – Part 1
What happened: We went on a walking tour around NYC that started at the Chelsea Market and brought us to the High Line.
Favorite card/photo:  The big photo of the rolling ‘lawn chairs’ at the High Line. I remember wishing we could’ve stayed longer; I really wanted to hang out on those chairs. I cut up a Project Life card so I could write a caption.


Days covered: Day 2 – Part 2
What happened: Aside from the High Line, the walking tour also took us to the West Village.
Favorite card/photo:  The upper right photo of the scone and frozen kefir. They’re two photos that were sized 3×4 and I printed them together to create a 4×6 photo. The caption written on the orange sticker tells the story of the food on the walking tour.


Days covered: Day 2 – Part 3
What happened: The tour also took us to the Meatpacking District and ended at Washington Square Park.
Favorite card/photo:  That picture of the cobblestones at the Meatpacking District. Hard to see in this photo, but I wrote a tiny “wow” right on the lamp post in the picture. I like writing on my pictures with fine-tipped Sharpies.


Days covered: Day 2 – Part 4
What happened: We went to the South Seaport area to buy Broadway tickets at TKTS.
Favorite card/photo:  It’s a toss-up between the picture of the buildings and the silhouette shot of the guy practicing his trapeze act. They both make me remember that we spent a good chunk of time in the area, just relaxing prior to watching the play. (Jetlag promptly caught up with us.) Again, I cut up a Project Life card so I could write a caption.



Days covered: Day 3 – part 1
What happened: We went to Peter Luger (yum). The outdoor above-ground subway station was pretty cool.
Favorite card/photo:  that aqua card with diagonal stripes from the Seafoam edition is an all-time favorite. I would hoard that if I could. It allowed me to capture so much more of the story (I don’t often journal that much; I usually only put captions on photos) which I enjoy reading now.


Days covered: Day 3 – part 2
What happened: We spent the afternoon at the Met!
Favorite card/photo:  The photo series of us at Chambers Station, which we fondly referred to as the Zombie Station. If you’ve ever been there: isn’t it creepy? We had fun waiting for our train.


Days covered: Day 4
What happened: We went to the Museum of Modern Art, and I met up with some friends from Manila who have  relocated to NYC.
Favorite card/photo:  Since this was our last day in NYC, the ‘in the moment’ card captured a list of my highlights about being in NYC. (The independence, the food, the culture, the pace) I love that card! All the cards in this photo are from the Midnight edition, except the multi-colored polka dot 3×4 card. (It was part of Clementine.)

I worked on this early last year when I was just starting to do Project Life, so it’s interesting to see how my style has evolved since then. Thanks for reading! In case you haven’t seen the announcement, we opened up registration for our April 12 workshop. More information, including recaps of our past workshops, can be found here.


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