All about the March workshop

Last weekend, we held our workshop for March. We opened registration pretty early, and one of our participants said she was so excited when she signed up, only to realize that the workshop wasn’t happening until weeks later. Woops.

We (Pinky, Yam) loved the enthusiasm of the March workshop participants. Prior to workshop day, we received inquiries from the participants if they needed to bring anything else aside from photos. We’ve had participants bring their own cases of washi tapes, stickers, packs of paper, containers of pens, etc. in addition to their boxes and folders of papers and/or memorabilia. One thing you need to remember when attending any of our workshops (and future events) is that you will never be judged for being a paper/memorabilia hoarder. If your friends or family make fun of you for keeping tags, restaurant menus, or even a memorable candy wrapper to remind you of a place or an event, here we will encourage you to slip it in your album.


A few scenes from the workshop:

sorting and choosing the cards from chosen PL editions


Friends Ren and Rizza trim some of their photos.


Scrapbooking is serious business.^^

Participants in this batch worked hard on their albums.


A common problem our participants say they have is that they don’t know how to start with their albums, so they decided to join our workshop. We are always so happy to see what our participants come up with, so we have a short show and tell session.

Ren decided to work on an album for her adorable niece. She ven got some family members to participate by having them write short letters to the young girl! Isn’t that a good idea to involve family members with your memory-keeping? She also said that she was going to start an album for herself. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

Abby is a self-confessed hoarder of paper and memorabilia. She showed us what she brought with her: a folder full of things from her recent trip. Apparently, she had a lot more folders at home! While she was familiar with scrapbooking, she always found it overwhelming to go to craft stores. To start, she worked on an album about her recent trip to Japan.

Tin came prepared with lots of her photos from her family’s Christmas holiday in Abu Dhabi, plus her close up shot of Rafael Nadal at a tennis tournament that we oohed and ahhed over. Since her parents are based overseas, she wanted to make an album to put all their holiday photos and memories together. She said that she planned to give the album to her mom.

Rizza told us all some of her crafting adventures, and how her crafty side was revived last year, when she got married. Her supportive husband was happy to see her do her arts and crafts projects again that encouraged and helped her register for the workshop. She came up with the idea of documenting how her husband proposed to her. We loved it!

In this workshop, we had two participants who started a “life documentation” type of album.

Monica, who is familiar with various scrapbook products, decided to do a documentation of her life this year. The spreads she came up with during the workshop look great! She was able to maximize the pocket pages and use some fun embellishments like letter stickers.

Zhoii was worried that she wouldn’t be able to come up with pages because she wasn’t able to print her photos, but she managed to plan ahead. Her album “2014 Stories” will document her life this year, and she prepared some of her pages into different categories such as school, friends, family, etc.


We had a great time teaching and interacting with the March workshop participants. Thanks for joining us!


We hope that YOU join us next time. Our next workshop will be on April 12, 2014. Registration will open at 9am on Tuesday, April 1.

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