Freebie Friday #8: Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Freebie_Friday copy

Today’s Freebie Friday is another Filipino/Filipina Friday, as we feature yet another talented Filipino/Filipina who also shares his/her work online.

Danika Rio Navarro is a style blogger, creative director, and designer from Manila. We love how effortlessly chic she always looks in her outfit photos, and her photos always beautifully shot and edited.

Last year, she began sharing her wallpapers featuring her own hand type, and it evolved into Hand Type Series and even a Bible Hand Type series.

We love the message of her work below:

IMG_0789-small-typeHandmade type, styling, photo by Danika Rio Navarro

In this day and age where inspiration and information can be found not just from magazines or artwork, but from blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest, it is so easy to be envious of what others look like, and what they have. It’s definitely good to remember to be your own kind of beautiful. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

Download the artwork above featuring Type by Rio HERE and use it as a wallpaper for your gadgets.


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