Yam’s Project Life: A special week in January

PL_Tuesdays copy

This week’s Project Life Tuesday features a spread I assembled from a tough week last January. I remember feeling so down the previous week that I sincerely hoped that the big event I marked on my calendar months ago would somehow distract me from all my troubles. While I remember feeling that way last January, I didn’t want my spread to emphasize and highlight that.

I chose to focus on the highlights of the week. In particular, the happy event was a concert I attended with my siblings and friends. I would have printed just one big photo, if I had one that was clear enough to print in a large size!

I filled in the pockets for this spread quite fast! I printed photos right away and slipped in the pockets. I guess that in a way, I wanted to remember all the happy feelings for the week, in hopes that it would uplift me and carry over until the weeks that followed.

I used cards from the Midnight Edition in my pages for this week.

Left side: I didn’t take a full photo of the spread because now I feel like changing a few things. I try to keep in mind that “done is better than perfect,” but what I initially put in some of the pockets aren’t sitting well with me right now. So, here’s a couple of photos from the first spread.

I had a full 4×6 pocket to fill, but I didn’t see any 4×6 that I wanted to use. I put together two of the 3×4 cards by adhering washi at the back. The photo I wanted to use was a bit low-res, so I didn’t bother printing it any larger.

the Hello card looks pretty bare, doesn’t it? I still don’t know how to embellish it

In another pocket with a 4×6 photo, I left the photo as is & just stapled a label I printed and cut using my Silhouette machine. You can make similar labels by using colored markers, or for the more computer-savvy, design and print your own.

I had lunch with two of my best friends — definitely MY kind of Monday!

Right side (I took the cards out and put them on top of the plastic page protector so I could photograph better)

The card in the middle with the quote from Jack Kerouac is something I made. I simply typed the quote and printed the text on plain white board paper I purchased from National BookStore.

I printed a 4×6 photo from the concert (Yay, PHOENIX!!!) and added my favorite mini alpha stickers. Did I mention how much I love mini alphas?!

This concert was SO MUCH FUN. I saw a lot of people I knew — some, I was surprised to see at the concert! During the encore, Thomas Mars even went to the audience, walked around and then crowd surfed (partially) his way back onstage. I was so surprised when he suddenly appeared beside me! I was craning my neck to see where he was then *bam* he was right there, passing under my raised arm.

I also love incorporating “stuff” in my pages. This time, I adhered a concert ticket (not mine, but I wanted an additional souvenir) in addition to my wristband from the show. The ticket is taped to the card, and the wristband is just slipped in. Including stuff like these in my PL album lets me be the packrat/hoarder that I am, without having to throw out items that will remind me of an event.

Next: Again, I used two 3×4 cards taped together (at the back) for one pocket. The polka dot card from the Midnight edition looked great as is, but to tie it in together, I added a heart embellishment from my stash.

In another pocket, I adhered two small photos to one 4×6 card. I love doing this, especially when I feel like using more than one photo in a 4×6 pocket.

My spread this week did not have a lot of journalling — a small change from my other spreads so far, but I didn’t need a lot of words this week. Seeing the photos alone brings me back to that week and how happy and hopeful I felt. Any random person who would see the spread wouldn’t even know what I was going through that week! Whew.

Project Life is about being real, and it’s really up to you how you want to document even the sad moments in your life. I could have done hidden journaling by using a bi-fold card, or covering some private thoughts, but I chose not to. As the line from a Maroon 5 song goes, “it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along.”

If you want to start your own Project Life album too, registration is still open for our next workshop this Saturday, March 22! To join, fill up the form here — http://bit.ly/ldmworkshopreg.


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