Currently: March 17 2014

Currently copyEvery Monday, we’ll be sharing the ‘right now’ of our lives. Play along with us by using the printable we made and tagging us on Instagram (#ldmcurrently)! The free printable can be downloaded through instructions found here.

Currently… reading:
CH: Meanwhile in San Francisco, an illustrated book by Wendy Macnaughton. She captures the spirit of the city so well (and I love her watercolor illustrations). The book is an easy read, but made me both tear up and laugh out loud—a must for anyone who’s lived on SF.
Yam: articles about flight MH370 and sharing it with my friends. I have three friends with different jobs in the airline industry, so I want to hear what they think happened.
Pinky: countless articles about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. Hope the truth comes to light soon. 😦

Currently… watching:
CH: The Veronica Mars movie!!! Any marshmallows out there (aside from Pinky and Yam)? We were spazzing so much. I’m so happy with the movie… I just wish it were longer (or an entire new season!) Jumping back into the world of Veronica Mars, even for a couple of hours, was amazing.
Yam: the VERONICA MARS movie! Need I say more? I’ve been waiting for this since the Kickstarter project was announced. Please go and support the movie by purchasing it now from iTunes or Amazon.
Pinky:  Veronica Mars movie!!! My fangirl heart is so happy. They did not disappoint. Yam and I kept sending each other alternating hearts and sobs emojis, it was pretty hilarious.

Currently… listening to:
CH: Nothing in particular. Still my regular work tunes (which are a mix of everything from 90s hits to Broadway!)
Yam: to the Veronica Mars Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Can you see a pattern here? on loop is Go Captain and Pinlighter by Emperor X
Pinky: A lot of Justin Timberlake and Beyonce lately.

Currently… wanting:
CH: Oh my. I talked about artist Elle Luna a few weeks ago, but now I want Issue 2 of her Bulan Project. She is so amazing. I love the pattern so much!! I saw Issue 1 hanging at a friend’s office space and it’s beautiful. Sadly not so sure I can justify $200 for a piece of handpainted cloth, but… Let’s see.
Yam: to watch the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert! (It was last night but I missed it.)
Pinky: typography skills like those of Abbey Sy, Alessa Lanot, and Patrick Cabral, as seen in this photo of the new art in my crafts room. So great meeting everyone at Type Kita over the weekend!

Currently loving:
: This week. I’m currently on spring break (sounds so American, doesn’t it? We don’t have this in Manila!) and I’m so thankful for a week off to rest before things get crazier at work and school.
Yam: the Type Kita exhibit yesterday. It’s an exhibit for a cause featuring local artists, calligraphers and letterers. A LOT of good stuff and amazing work!
PinkyZoya nail polish in Brigitte. Neutral but still interesting. I am obsessed with this color right now; so happy I splurged on nail polish a while back. (I’ve noticed a trend, I keep putting beauty products as my answers to this question…)


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