Project Life Tuesday: Christine’s Tokyo Trip!

PL_Tuesdays copy

For this week’s Project Life Tuesday, I’m sharing some of my favorite pages so far! This is still from the month of January (although I’m kiiiind of caught up with my PL pages for 2014—crossing my fingers I keep this going!), when I got to take a quick, impromptu trip to Tokyo from Manila, when I was home for the holidays.

Travel pages are always my favorite, not just because I get a lot of interesting photos, but because of the stuff I get to collect. And like most scrapbookers, you all know that Tokyo is washi heaven!! Will talk about how I thought of documenting the oodles of washi I managed to hoard get during my trip there. I’ll also talk more about my favorite PL technique, which is incorporating other stuff outside of the page protectors. I feel like it adds a fun, interactive dimension to my pages. While slipping things into pockets is always the most satisfying part of memory-keeping with pockets, I love the simple punch + slip with bigger items.

I had so many photos from my trip that I did two spreads on it. Remember: there are no rules in your Project Life! While I usually do one spread per week, I thought this trip (despite only being one week) deserved more space in my PL just because it was so memorable. (And so fun to photograph, too!)

IMG_7341 copy

I used a 6 x 8 page protector for the left side of my page and cheated a bit to make it look like a four-pocket page. This was just because I wanted the title to be right smack in the middle (you can imagine that the “Hello Tokyo” part of the text will be cut if I chose to cut this into four separate pieces. Believe me, I tried that at first and ended up having to reprint the page!), and I’m also glad I got to make use of that design of page protectors since I rarely use them. I put the photos together and added the title in Photoshop before printing.

The second page included the cover stickers from my washi rolls. I was thinking of putting strips of washi on a bookmark and just attaching it to my PL (sort of like sampler/catalog style documenting) but the stickers on top of the rolls looked so interesting. It’s a great way to not only show the pattern of the washi, but the brand as well (my favorite, MT—the original washi tape makers from Japan. Love them!).

IMG_7347 copy

A closer look at my title page! I wanted to get the look of the four-card page protector with this page. 🙂

IMG_7345 copy

A closer look at the MT card. I kind of like how they all layer on top of each other, and since it’s washi material, they’re all pretty thin, translucent and repositionable!

IMG_7342 copy

More “stuff” in my pages! For the second spread, I chose to include receipts, train tickets, boarding passes and a cut out piece of a bakery brochure. The geotag is from Studio Calico, while the strip of washi holding the ticket to the photo is from MT. My PL is style is predominantly photos, then stuff. I don’t use journaling or filler cards as often, but do every now and then to add interesting bits to my PL (for these pages, used wood pattern cards as backgrounds for boarding passes and calling cards I’ve collected).

Going back, here’s what the pages look like inside my album:

IMG_7349 copy

I collected a couple of brochures from stores and loose sheets of paper—this case, it was the map and instruction sheet given to me at the hostel when I checked in. They gave me details like where my room was on the map or what time the coffee shop closed, etc., and I wanted to include it in my album. How? Simple—just punch it with a regular punch (right now I care more about getting it into my album than ruining it with holes) and stick it in between your page protectors. It adds an interesting element, doesn’t it? (If you’d rather not punch directly onto your ephemera, some people use Basic Grey Attach Me stickers.)

I really love the 6×8 size—it’s so manageable and I’m forced to think hard about the things I want to include in my album (sometimes I don’t even have enough things to fill it up with!). We recommend this size for beginners because it’s definitely more fun to concentrate on photos and the stories you want to tell vs. being pressured to fill up an entire 12 x 12 page protector.

That’s all for now. We’ll be back again next week with another Project Life Tuesday post! If you want to start your own Project Life album too, registration is open for our next workshop on March 22! To join, fill up the form here —

Have a good week, everyone!


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