Currently: March 10 2014


Every Monday, we’ll be sharing the ‘right now’ of our lives. Play along with us by using the printable we made and tagging us on Instagram (#lifedocumentedmanila)! The free printable can be downloaded through instructions found here.

Currently… reading:
CH: Essays by one of my favorite designers, Frank Chimero. He recently revamped his personal website and it’s all beeeyootiful! 🙂
Yam:  Found my copy of “Looking for Alaska” just in time to reread it for The Better Story Project book club. I tried to join a book club before but didn’t really enjoy it, so hopefully I do better with this group. I like the choice for the first book, too!
Pinky: “I Love” series by Lindsay Kelk. Started with the first one- “I Love New York” – I always love chick lit that incorporates travel!

Currently… watching:
CH: Trailers on iTunes—my favorite time wasters. Although I’m most excited for the upcoming Veronica Mars movie!! Finally.
Yam:  the newest episode of Suits. How timely and awesome is it that Harvey Specter–err, Gabriel Macht is currently in the country (Philippines)?! He visited an area that was struck by typhoon Yolanda, then I think he headed to Manila.
Pinky: Suits and Scandal are both back, FINALLY. (PS: #TeamMellie)

Currently… listening to:
CH: A lot of classical music to calm my nerves while I work on sketches for some of my design classes. It works! (On the playlist: Haydn and Mozart.)
Yam: I went through my iTunes library and found myself listening to Gabrielle Aplin’s songs. I had the song and the video for Panic Cord on loop! The young singer is talented, do listen to her songs!
Pinky: this Justin Timberlake x Marvin Gaye remix. SO GOOD. I’ve listened to it almost every day since I first heard it.

Currently… wanting:
CH: This new, amazing book from Mary Kate McDevitt. I love me some hand-lettering, and she’s one of my favorites!
Yam: to see the GoogleMaps StreetView car again. SO COOL. I spotted it last week. Funny, I thought the car had a funny bike rack and when I got closer and realized what it was, I may have let out a loud shriek.
Pinky: to have unlimited money so I can just drop everything and go. Haha!

Currently loving:
: The iPhone game Threes. I. am. addicted. Which is not good because I don’t have time to be playing games on my phone!! 🙂
Yam:  the March round of 30 Days of Lists. It’s a semi-annual journaling challenge that I first participated in last year. I love making lists and I love how you can make the challenge as simple or as complicated–or maybe embellished as you want.
Pinky: Avene thermal water. My mom and I are trying a bunch of Avene products because I’ve been hearing raves about the brand. Hoping its status as a ‘miracle product’ isn’t overhype…


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