Pinky’s Project Life: January


Hey guys! It’s Tuesday here in Manila and I’m back to share my spreads for the month of January. This year I’m doing weekly documentation in 12×12 format, same as last year. No desire to switch things up just yet. I actually have a lot of ‘unfinished’ spreads from November-December, and since I spent New Year’s in Boracay, I haven’t quite finished choosing which pictures from that vacation go into the first week of my album.

Anyhoo here we go. Last year I included “Week 1”, “Week 2”, etc… in my title card slot but this year I decided not to. That naming convention ended up being more of a hassle for me than anything else. Remember, with Project Life, there are no rules.


If you’ll notice, my pages are predominantly green. I mentioned before that I like having a color scheme for the week. Even my embellishments are organized this way. The good news is, by organizing my cards by color, I’m much more able to quickly put together a spread than if they were just all jumbled up together. This is just how my brain works – we are not here to tell you what you SHOULD do.


This is the left-hand side. That Currently card is something I’m doing every Thursday, just as a ‘touch base’ with myself (ha). Thought it would be interesting to look back on in the future. You can do something similar with our free printable – directions on how to get it here.


This is the right-hand side. Sometimes I like to carve out words or shapes in my journal cards so I can slip little pictures under them. You can see that above in the ‘Today” card.


This is the left-hand side of the next week. You can tell it’s a new spread because I changed my color scheme to yellow-orange. 🙂 Lots of pictures of myself, which I think happens less and less as scrapbookers become mothers and make lots of spreads about their kids. No kids yet, so plenty of ME. Hahahaha.


These are the front and back sides of an insert that I just took a photo of side by side. That gray card at the top left is actually a card I printed onto using my printer at home. I had to make sure my measurements were exact so as not to waste the card.

PMN_week2-printed2We’ll be posting a tutorial on how to do this soon. I used the Bellota font we shared in a recent Freebie Friday post!

PMN_week2-RHSI decided to devote the entire right side of my spread to the January 18 workshop since it’s very rare for the three of us to facilitate a workshop all together. Love those puffy geotags!


Here’s the next week. I decided to go with a gray-and-aqua color scheme this time. Another thing I like to do is to write directly on the photos, as seen in that picture of my tea.


Again, front and back side of an insert that I just photographed together. One of my cards has a QR code on it – that’s how I include videos I want to keep in my Project Life. We can do a tutorial on this soon too if you’re interested 🙂 Let us know in the comments!


Ain’t no sunset like a Boracay sunset. I love that Who, What, Where, When, Why card from the Seafoam edition –  I use it on all my travel spreads. We still have Seafoam in stock!

That’s all for now. We’ll be back again next week with another Project Life Tuesday post. 🙂 We already opened registration for our next workshop on March 22! To join, fill up the form here — . Hope to see you soon! Thanks for reading! Follow me on instagram – @pinkynepomuceno


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