Currently: March 3 2014


Every Monday, we’ll be sharing the ‘right now’ of our lives. Play along with us by using the printable we made and tagging us on Instagram (#lifedocumentedmanila)! The free printable can be downloaded through instructions found here.

Currently… reading:
CH: The latest 826 Quarterly, a collection of student writing from non-profit 826 Valencia based in San Francisco. I’m helping them put the book together, so I’ve been reading the drafts over and over!
Yam: the Entertainment Weekly issue #1299 with Veronica Mars on the cover. As a longtime Marshmallow, I’m SO excited for the movie!
Pinky: stylized by Liz Uy. A couple of friends have said that she reminds them of me! What do you think?  (PS: It’s sold out in most bookstores, but if you want it, I found lots of them at the National Bookstore inside St Luke’s Global.)

Currently… watching:
CH: Ahh, life in SF means I don’t have a TV (sad, right??) so I haven’t been watching anything lately.
Yam: the last two episodes of the Korean drama, You From Another Star. No spoilers, please!
Pinky: Wrapping up the last few episodes of Veronica Mars, then looking for the next show to marathon. A rewatch of Friday Night Lights? The latest seasons of Bones and/or Castle? Flashpoint? The last season of Fringe? Haven’t decided yet!

Currently… listening to:
CH: Been on a full-on Broadway binge since last weekend. It’s all Phantom of the Opera and Les Mis here! One day mooooore…
Yam: the new albums of CNBLUE and 2NE1. Ya, I love my kpop.
Pinky: Maroon 5 again after such a long time. 🙂

Currently… wanting:
CH: A genie to fix all the clutter in my room for me. If only I could clean everything up with one zap
Yam: to go back to Bacolod so I can eat more yummy goodies!
Pinky: the new Instax share, even though I really really don’t need it!

Currently loving:
: Artist/designer Elle Luna. She’s done amazing things (including design the email app Mailbox!) and is now a full-time painter. She said something in an interview here that I think is something I totally need right now. She says, “I made a promise to myself to keep dreaming big crazy scary dreams. To not let fear or vulnerability keep me from doing the work that I feel I must do.” Yes to big crazy scary dreams!
Yam: Earl Grey milk tea from Moonleaf
Pinky: the book club that Yam and I joined c/o The Better Story Project. It’s a small group of voracious readers and I love the energy.


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