FREEBIE FRIDAY #5: 3×4 “DAYS OF THE WEEK” Printable Journal Cards


Happy Friday, Project Lifers!

We’re back with another freebie for you! We were so (pleasantly!) overwhelmed by the great response from our last freebie—we’re glad you guys liked it (and don’t forget to link back to us when you use it, we’d love to see it in action!)


This week’s freebie is a complete set of minimalist days of the week cards. One for every day of the week, perfect for any story you want to tell, especially those doing A Week in the Life 🙂 Even better, we’ve come up with two versions—one with journaling lines (for those who want to write neatly) and one without (try to sketch or draw instead of writing!), depending on how creative you feel.


This is another exclusive original Life Documented Manila product, and we’re excited to bring it to you. Hope you like it!

WEEKCARDS1unlined version

WEEKCARDS2lined version

Just download the files below (grab them for free with a Facebook like), print them out, and cut along the gray lines.

Download them HERE. If you’ve already liked our Facebook page, the download information should be readily available.

Here are our printables in action:

FREEBIE-FEB28-SQ21: Journal Card and 2: Reverse Polaroid – stick a small photo on the card and ta-da!

We can’t wait to see how you use these on your pages—don’t forget to tag them with #lifedocumentedmanila if you post them on Instagram or send us links via our Facebook page!


9 thoughts on “FREEBIE FRIDAY #5: 3×4 “DAYS OF THE WEEK” Printable Journal Cards

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  2. I would love to have these and I already liked your fb page, but when I click to download on the link above it says, “page not found”. =(

    • Hi Kimberly, perhaps it was just a connection error? We just checked and found the download link to be working. Kindly access again and hit refresh if the page doesn’t load. Also, this website is no longer updated since we have long since moved to our new address —

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