Freebie Friday #4: 3×4 “Currently” Journal Card Printables


Happy Friday, everyone! How are you Project Life pages going? 😉

We’ve got a little something fun for everyone today—free (yes!) printables! We love using these as a way to capture the right now, and it makes for a good filler card, too, if you have extra pockets and not enough photos. (We’re also super excited because this is our first original and exclusive Life Documented branded product!)


They’re easy-peasy to use—just download the files below (grab them for free with a Facebook like), print them out, and cut along the gray lines. Want them in black and white? Easy—change the print settings to B&W (although we personally love the color options!)

Download them HERE.

We can’t wait to see how you use these on your pages—don’t forget to tag them with #lifedocumentedmanila if you post them on Instagram or send us links via our Facebook page! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Freebie Friday #4: 3×4 “Currently” Journal Card Printables

  1. Hi. So awesome to see fellow Filipinos doing PL in the Philippines. I don’t there’s anyone else in my city PL-ing.
    I’m following your blog.
    thanks for the freebies!

  2. I love how your freebies look, and it is quite awesome that you share them for free.
    Unfortunetly, as a non-Facebooker, I can’t ‘like’ you ofer there, but I wanted to thank you nevertheless 🙂


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