Standing Room Only at the February Workshop

Last Saturday, February 15, we held our February workshop. The Life Documented Manila team was pleasantly surprised because all the participants brought their own supplies! Everyone enjoyed sharing their supplies and tips on where to buy certain things locally.

Jo brought her Dymo and Adiel brought a similar tool too.

Of course, bringing supplies is not a requirement when attending our workshop – all participants need to bring are their photos printed in 4×6 and 3×4 size. We are firm advocates that the photos and the kit is all you need to create an album. The rest – stamps, washi, stickers, colored pens – those are all just for fun 😉

Although the workshop is for beginners, we do share tips on ‘advanced’ techniques such as enlarging photos. We also teach proper stamp techniques and share tips and our own best practices.

As we continue to have workshops, we’re always so amazed at how versatile Project Life is. Our personal PL’s are weekly documentation, but participants have made albums about: travel, high school, their children, their boyfriends, their personal adventures… (to name a few)! It’s really exciting for us to witness participants who are enthusiastic about documenting their lives. Adiel said it best: “I’m a sucker for memories.” So are we!

Jo made an album about her travels with her husband.

Ginger’s album was also travel-themed and focused on a recent trip she took.

Adiel worked on an album to celebrate her one-year anniversary with her boyfriend.

Aliza’s album documented all the arts and crafts workshops she’s attended, as well as adventures with her dog.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended. We’ll be announcing the new workshop soon – watch out for it!

Follow us on Facebook (Life Documented Manila) and Instagram (@lifedocumentedmanila) to keep up as we announce new workshop dates and supplies available. Check out #lifedocumentedmanila for more pictures from the workshops and to see what other participants are creating. Also, feel free to follow us on our personal Instagram accounts – @superch, @pinkynepomuceno and @wandergirlcrafts 🙂


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