Project Life Tuesday: Making Your Own Journal or Filler Cards


For this week’s Project Life Tuesday, we’re sharing tips on how you can make your own journal or filler cards to use in your projects.

Here at Life Documented Manila, we don’t just bring in and sell materials to use for pocket page-style of scrapbooking. We have mentioned in our workshops that we conduct such events because we want to introduce these products and build the local community. In order to make a community grow, there must be sharing and/or exchange of ideas.

We get numerous inquiries where to get this paper, this stamp, this tool, and more. Newsflash: not all materials need to be ordered from abroad.

Between the three of us, we own more than a thousand cards from the Project Life brand. That’s A LOT, yet with each share we own, we still feel like some cards could have come in a different color, or if the title on a card could have been in a different font…the list goes on. So, in order to use what we have and come up with materials that can complement each Project Life edition, here are some ideas for creating your own Project Life-type of cards using materials that are available at local (Philippines) stores.


These are readily available at National Book Store and other office and school supply stores. For a pack of 50 (Php27.75 each), you can come up with 50 cards in 4×6 size, or more if you want 3×4 cards.

Simply fold the cards in half and cut, in order to get two 3×4 cards! Easy, isn’t it? For more precise cuts, you may opt to use a paper trimmer — it’s not a necessity, of course.

There are a number of similar corner rounders from different brands, but we love this because it’s easy to use and the shape & size of the cut matches with the Project Life brand of cards.

Corner Rounder from MUJI – Php395

For a list of MUJI branches in the Philippines, please check HERE

We usually buy board paper locally when we need to print digital files, or if we want to use plain white background to mat photos in our projects.
This type of paper is heavier and thicker than the paper of the plain white 4 x 6 index cards we posted above.

don’t mind the “vellum” tag, because in the scrapbook world vellum is definitely not like this!

There are different brands available at National Book Store. We recommend choosing plain, white, board paper with no texture.

It is important to buy the board paper in A4 SIZE because one sheet will yield the following:

If you use different size of paper, your result will be a bit off, or you need to do more cutting and measuring. With A4-sized paper, you just need to fold it in half, then cut. Each half can give you the sizes shown above.

This is the fun part because you can get your creative juices flowing. Use materials such as: stamps, colored pens/markers, washi tape, alpha stickers, other patterned paper, etc. to decorate your cards.

Look, we made our own filler cards using stamps + colored ink pads:

– doodle on the cards
– line art
– write one word several times in various sizes/styles
– use watercolors*
– brush script*
– calligraphy*
*Using paint or heavy ink may require thicker paper or different type of paper that can absorb paint or ink better

Here are some of our own homemade cards, next to cards from the Project Life – Jade edition:

Not bad at all, huh?

Use what you have. Use what is available.
If only we were told this years ago, before we started hoarding all our scrapbook materials, then we wouldn’t have piles and boxes of stuff now. It is so easy to get caught up and say, “I want this! I want that!,” when you check Instagram and blog posts of other paper crafters and scrapbookers. Even with the presence of local craft material sellers, living in the Philippines makes it a bit hard to buy supplies you need, or supplies you think you need. Factor in shipping and possible customs tax costs, you’ll be shelling out more many than creating more projects!


4 thoughts on “Project Life Tuesday: Making Your Own Journal or Filler Cards

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  2. Love the tips! I make my own journal and filler cards myself as I have way too much scrapbooking stuff as it is. Sometimes, I also just cut up printed scrapbook paper and insert the same into my scrapbook.

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