Graphika Manila 2014

Last Saturday, we (Yam and Pinky) made our way to SMX to attend Graphika Manila, a conference on creativity. It was our first time to attend, and we were really excited to hear from Jessica Hische in particular. We’ve been longtime fans of hers and jumped at the chance to see her in person.

The first speakers were Dvein, two members of a three-person agency that mixes live action and CG. It was really interesting to see their process and how they seemed to just be playing all the time. They were so full of crazy ideas that ended up working really well!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The next speaker was Sara Blake (also known as ZSO), who blew us away with her illustrations! We loved this line in particular: “Passion and determination are more important than talent and skill.” She had these scarves for sale outside which were so gorgeous, and also so out of budget. Sigh.


After lunch, renowned illustrator and designer Ash Thorp came on stage to talk about his career. There were quite a few fanboys in the audience! One of the things he said really stuck with us: “Through variety we thrive.” We loved his passion and energy about his work.

photo 3(1)

Next was a personal favorite of ours, homegrown talent Isabel Gatuslao. Her talk was about the ways to obsess: “Obsession is the secret to an exciting life.” It was awesome to learn more about her process and the different aspects to designing identities. We’d love to attend another of her events soon!


Eugene Gauran of The Mill spoke about hard work and the importance of attention to detail. His main job is to tell stories, and his reminder to “be consistent with your work.” We were very excited to hear that they had done work on some Harry Potter movies! We didn’t get any good photos since he mostly showed highlight reels. 😦 It’s so great that he’s Cebuano, too.

The last talk was by Jessica Hische. She did not disappoint! Her talk was equal parts technical, funny, and inspiring. CH uses one of Jessica’s terms all the time: ‘procrastiworking’ – which is the work you find yourself doing instead of the work you should be doing.


It was a long day but we were so glad to have the opportunity to  learn from all these different artists. We don’t consider ourselves very ‘artsy’ but everything discussed that day was super interesting and inspiring.

LDM-lizPinky and Yam with our friend Liz… and a photobomber

Thanks for reading! Follow us on Instagram – @pinkynepomuceno and @wandergirlcrafts for our individual accounts, @lifedocumentedmanila for updates on upcoming workshops and available supplies 🙂


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