Christine’s Project Life: 2014 Title Page + Week 1


Aaaaand we’re back with Project Life Tuesdays, this time with me, Christine. I recently sat down to catch up (behind already?!) on my 2014 PL, starting with my cover page.

People who know me will know I’m horrible at selfies, and I rarely take photos of myself (not good when traveling solo: I have *hundreds* of photos of pretty temples, food, landscapes, and coffee cups but zero photos of me), so I was stumped for a while—what oh what to put in my cover page? This year I decided to play with the idea of a photobooth shot—I did a similar page for my PL cover two years ago. I didn’t actually go to a photobooth, but used PocketBooth, a photobooth app.

These days I’m working with a 6×8 album, same as the ones we offer in our starter kits. Personally, I think it’s easier (doable = more finished PL pages for me!), but the only downside is there aren’t enough pockets for eventful weeks (I’ll show you guys how I deal with that in next posts… I just finished a spread with that same problem!)

This is what my PL cover page looks like for 2014. Simple, right? Ignore the fact that I’m trying to look silly—I ran out of poses midway.


And a closer look: I colored chipboard Thickers with Sharpies—one black, one gold. I’m liking this whole gold theme… you’ll see more later!


I currently live in San Francisco, but was home in Manila for the entire month of January. So a lot of it was filled with reunions (food, food, and more food) and a lot of singing with my nieces (… do I want to build a snowman? Do I? Do I? Or do I let it go? LSS galore.) Also a lot of drinking and chatting. (Whoa—Let It Go just started playing on my Pandora station. Guess what I’m going to be singing for the rest of the week….) Here’s my first week. Journaling cards, embellishments from Studio Calico.


Oh, something only Project Lifers and scrapbookers will understand: yes, I did save that cup from Happy Lemon only to go home and cut it up. Mmhmm. What’s the craziest thing you’ve saved for your PL? (I have beer labels, cut up cups, and dirty luggage tags!) Also: want to include an Instax shot in your pages but can’t get the original? Instead of fighting over it… take a photo instead 😉



I experimented with gold ink for stamping this time around, and love how it came out! (Stamp from Ann-Marie Espinoza.)

That’s it for today. How’s your Project Life going? (Take my cover page advice: start today!)


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