Pinky’s Project Life: 2014 Title Page


Hi friends! Welcome to the first post of our new series, Project Life Tuesdays.

Today I’m sharing the title page of my 2014 album. Many Project Lifers put family pictures on the title page, but since I’m still single, I wanted to make a really great cover that captures this awesome phase in my life.

PMN-4We’re off to a good start, 2014 and I.

I like blowing up a single photo into 12×12 size for my title pages, just because it’s a technique I don’t use often in my weekly spreads. I have too many photos for the pockets as it is. 😉

This photo was taken with TimerCam on my iPhone. I love that my phone can take photos with such great quality! No need for me to even carry around a big camera. Over the holiday break, my family and I went to Boracay. At our resort, I found a private beach where I could take a few self-portraits.

PMN-2This is the original photo. Notice the two swimmers at the bottom left?

When I got back to Manila, I opened the picture in iPhoto (my phone automatically syncs with it), dragged the photo into Photoshop, and cropped the original photo to 12×12 inches at 300 pixels per inch. I wanted to be mindful of where I would be cutting later on, so I placed my body slightly right-of-center to make sure it would fit in a single 4×6 pocket and not get chopped up.

tutorial-1 copyI was also conscious about the rule of thirds while cropping.

It helped that I had already posted the same photo on Instagram, so I had an idea of how small I wanted my body to be compared to the rest of the landscape.

How I had posted it on Instagram a few days before

Still in Photoshop, I opened up a PNG file that I purchased from Studio Calico a while back. The text was black, and I needed it to be white to fit in the space over my head, so I recolored all the black parts to white using the magic wand tool.

tutorial-3 copy2

After copy-pasting onto a new layer in my photo, I resized it using the Transform tool (command+T for Mac users). Lastly, I changed the opacity of that layer to make it a bit transparent.

Then I ran this script to cut the photo up automatically into six 4×6 photos. I printed the photos at home, then cut the middle photos in half to fit the 3×4 pockets.

Lastly, I used some Kelly Purkey letter stickers to write a simple caption. The white puffy geotag sticker (which I’m currently obsessed with) is part of a set that was on sale at Studio Calico recently.

Overall, the entire thing took me ten minutes to make. The longest part of it was browsing through my digital files to choose a nice design. Seriously, it was that easy!

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