Workshop Announcement: February 15, 2014

We’re happy to announce that the next workshop will be on  Saturday, February 15, 2014 at Valle Verde 5, Pasig.

*spread above features the Midnight edition

In this beginner’s workshop, we introduce our preferred memory-keeping method: pocket page-style scrapbooking, using the Project Life product line and other pocket page-style scrapbook products. In addition to tips and tricks from our own experiences of documenting our lives, we also share our materials (such as stamps, washi tape, colored pens, etc.) with workshop participants.

Slots are limited. Register for the workshop now by CLICKING HERE.

Want an idea of what happened at our January workshop? Read on!

Contrary to what some might think, using Project Life products aren’t just for documenting your everyday life. You can make any themed album you want! This February, to further show your love, why not create an album about your relationship with your boyfriend / girlfriend, your sister, your brother, your best friends, the things you love…the list goes on!

Why not create an album with LOVE as the theme using the Blush edition? We love this edition because the cards come in different shades of pink, blue, green, mixed with black, white and gray.

A sampling of cards from the Blush edition; Pens and heart stickers are sold separately.

In addition, we have good news! Many of you asked for it, so we’ve restocked the highly popular Vintage Travel edition in time for the workshop.

This edition will initially be available only to participants who will register for the February 15 workshop. Remaining stocks will be then made available for online purchase to everyone starting February 17.

Fancy creating an album about a past trip, or maybe prep one for your upcoming summer escapades? Join the workshop and choose the Vintage Travel edition.

A sampling of cards from the Vintage Travel edition

Reminder: Slots are limited. Register for the workshop now by CLICKING HERE.

We hope to see you!


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