Memory-keeping fun on a Saturday morning

Our first workshop for 2014 was held last Saturday. The entire team worked until the wee hours of the morning to make sure that the workshop would be smooth-sailing.

Our participants this time had a common love for hoarding paper, photos, and memorabilia — something we at Life Documented Manila also share. If you’ve ever had problems tackling mountain of memorabilia, joining our workshop would be a good idea. Not only will you discover ways to organize your memorabilia, but you’ll find like-minded people. No one will laugh at you for having stacks or boxes of photos and random bits and pieces of paper.

After the first segment of the workshop, starter kits were distributed and the ladies got to work right away.

Sharing Stations were set up for the participants, so they could try or a sample extra items (such as: alphabet stickers, clear stamps, roller stamps, punches, etc.) they can use in their projects.  While we do emphasize that using the Project Life line of products makes memory-keeping simple for everyone, it’s nice to try various ways of adding a little something to the projects.

Participants were asked to bring printed photos in different sizes and orientation, but we also provided a trimming station for those who wanted to trim and cut their photos differently.

We loved how the participants each had a different idea for their first albums. It just proves that one can use the pocket page style of scrapbooking to make albums with different themes!

Donna, a cool mom, wanted to make an album for her beautiful twin daughters. She printed a stack of photos of the twins and easily put her pages together. It was so good to see her having fun as she slipped in the photos and cards in the pockets. Donna enjoyed the process and the products that she was also inspired to make an album for her twins’ older sibling and even herself!

Drea brought small boxes of photos and various memorabilia from her high school days. We found it amazing that she was able to keep all of it! She said that she didn’t know how she would organize everything she had saved in the boxes until she saw what we offered. Pinky, who went to the same high school as Drea laughed (and cringed) as they looked through old photos in the boxes.

Good friends Alma and Katia had similar plans of making their albums about the highlights of 2013 — a great idea! They both brought printed photos from their various trips, adventures, and celebrations from the past year.

Katia was able to use other memorabilia in her pages, such as: business cards and boarding passes. Now, with the pocket page style of scrapbooking, those little pieces of paper will find a place!

Carmela had a different approach: documenting 2014, by choosing cards and filling in the journal cards first. She mentioned that she always finds it hard to choose just which photos to print and use. By writing on the journal cards first, she now has a better idea of which photos to print.

We loved seeing all the ladies work on their pages and we look forward to seeing more of their work.

Christine, one of the founding members of Life Documented Manila, was in town for the holidays. She was busy towards the end of the year that her own Project Life album had lots of empty pockets. She had photos printed when she got back to Manila and easily filled in many weeks worth of photos.

We assembled small goodie bags for the participants in addition to delicious treats prepared by our friends Fatima of Totally Baked, who provided queso de bola crisps and Trina, who made chocolate fudge cupcakes and red velvet cheesake brownies.

Queso de Bola crisps by Totally Baked
For orders, contact Fatima at 0905-2273276

Red Velvet Cheesecake brownies and Choco Fudge cupcakes
For orders, contact Trina Aligada at 0917-8940507 // @trina_aligada

The Life Documented Manila Team with the workshop participants:

Btw, wearing blue tops with 3/4 sleeves was unplanned!

What are you waiting for? Start your project with us. We hope to see YOU at our next workshop! We will announce the February schedule very soon, so please watch out for the announcement.


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