Life Documented Manila’s first memory-keeping workshop

The first workshop was held last Saturday, October 19 at Workmates in Katipunan.

One of our main goals is not only to introduce memory-keeping methods to Filipinos, but also the Project Life system.

Being artsy and crafty is not a requirement in this workshop. Participants simply need to want to tell stories through photos and words.

We asked participants to bring a stack of photos they wanted to use. They did not discuss it, but they all brought photos from past trips that they wanted to put together in an album. Great minds do tend to think alike, don’t they?

Most of the workshop participants were beginner memory-keepers or scrapbookers. Like us at Life Documented Manila, they had loads of photos saved on their phones and computer hard drives and hardly any photos printed in recent years.

We really want to emphasize the importance of having actual photos to look at, not just viewing them through an electronic device.

After a short lecture on scrapbooking, it was time for the hands on portion.

The girls seemed a little overwhelmed at first since they had a lot of great photos to choose from, but it wasn’t long before they were able to narrow it down and started putting together their own pages.

It is so easy to complete an album with just your photos, our starter kit, additional photo pocket pages and your favorite pens, but there are other embellishments and supplies that can be used.

As a bonus to participants, we brought some (yes, some) of our own supplies for everyone to try. One of the favorites was the stamping station where we had a selection of stamps available. Alphabet stamps (rubber, cling), roller date stamps, roller sentiment stamps, and others were available, as well as a variety of ink pads. We all loved the neon ink pads and the gold ink pad! Future workshops will have similar stations where participants may try the supplies that we have.

No workshop would be complete without a short Show & Tell session! We loved hearing some stories behind the photos and pages of the girls.

Pinky and Yam with the first workshop participants. Good job, everyone!

We hope to see YOU at our next workshop! Please like us on Facebook so you can be updated with upcoming workshop schedules. We are also available for private workshops. Contact us here for more information.


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