Christine’s Project Life: Bits & Pieces

Whenever I tell people about Project Life and how fun it is to put together, they always say, “well, what can I possibly put in there? My life isn’t as exciting as yours.”

Believe me, my life isn’t that exciting! Not to mention the fact that I live alone in San Francisco—all my closest friends and family are all back home in Manila, so you can only imagine what’s in my Project Life. Yup. Me, me, and me.

What makes PL fun for me is that it reminds me to save the little bits & pieces from our everyday lives. (Doesn’t help that I’m such a visual person, too!) I may not have pictures from brunch with my friends or my cute nieces at home (how I miss them!), but I can still tell stories—everyday stories—through stuff.


For this weekly spread, I put in some travel tags I had designed that week, and it just so happened that I received a postcard from a friend from Vancouver (so yay, I got to use that tag!). I also saved my movie ticket (the size was perfect for the Silver Linings Playbook poster) and a postcard I got from a restaurant.

Since I didn’t have pictures (not big on selfies, although for this project I should be!), I took a picture of my room (a constant struggle to keep clean!) and also wrote a bit about the music I was listening to that week for a project.

Sometimes, though, life does get more interesting—especially when friends stop by to visit. This week is one of my favorites in my PL album:

ImageSome friends from home were in town, and we went around San Francisco for brunch and drinks at the California Academy of Sciences. One of the most fun weeks I’ve had in a while. I also attended a Polaroid workshop that weekend, where we walked around the Mission District with old school Polaroid cameras in hand!

The little bits & pieces you save don’t have to always be tickets or postcards.. in this case, I cut up a box of the Polaroid film because the rainbow stripe was too irresistible. One of my favorite techniques for PL, too, is inserting little things in between the page protectors (in this case, an actual shot from my photo walk).

So remember, you don’t always have to have photos to make your PL spreads interesting! 🙂


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