Pinky’s Project Life: Birthday

Hooray, a new post from me! I wanted to upload some spreads here to help show how much fun Project Life can be.

First up: my first week! I decided to start on my birthday because: 1) why not? 2) I remember things in the past not by what year they occurred, but by how old I was when they happened. This may change next year, but for now, I like it and I’m sticking to it.

Spread1_fullCards used: Clementine Edition, Seafoam Edition. As always, everyone’s faces blurred except mine.


What happened this week: I turned 26. My team had a dinner at Beso, a restaurant with really yummy sangria and paella. They surprised me with a cake that hilariously turned out to be the Same! Exact! Cake! that The Boy had bought for me. I had friends over for dinner and I blew out the candles at midnight.


What I like about this week’s spread: The Instax photos fit perfectly onto 3×4 cards. Such a fun, easy way to document a party!


I also used an insert this week. Bottom two cards were freebies online that I can’t seem to find now! The “loved this week” card is actually a brush from Ali Edwards that I recolored to match the aqua color scheme.

Favorite part of the spread: The middle-right photo of the Instax on some sand. Take me back to the beach!


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